My Vaping Experience

My Vaping Experience

After so many convincing of my friend to write my vaping experience, I finally give it a try. So this is my vaping experience, where should I start.

Well just a bit of history, I am a chain smoker. I am the type of smoker that can consume one pack of cigarette in one session. It was so addicted to it that it takes a toll on me.

I have met so many issues in my health, like shortness of breath, bad breath, lost sense of taste and lost sense of smelling. To cut the story short, I have been to different health issues because of smoking. It did not only affected me but also my family members,of course we cannot hide the fact that second hand smoke from smoking is really dangerous more than the first one.

With all of these happening to me and my family, I finally decided to find a healthier alternative to smoking. i can’t quit right away from smoking at least I need a milder hobby.

And then I found vaping, I was skeptical at first but when I ran into a site vaporizer friend, it was a pretty neat site. It gave me valuable insights on the best vaporizer to use and to look out for. This site have great comparisons on the popular vaporizers out there.

For me this is a great site when it comes to vaporizer review and comparisons. This site helped me a lot to open my eyes and chose a healthier alternative to smoking. It changed my life entirely, my sense of taste came back and also my sense of smell too.

I am so thankful that I switched to vaping cause it completely change my life to a healthier version without changing much really.

I will do anything to protect my family and my switch to vaping hobby is great and it was a really great experience for you.